Choosing affordable health insurance for individuals under obamacare reform

In the last post’s we read various aspects regarding what health insurance generally means why you should choose health insurance its benefit difference between term insurance and life insurance and insurance self.

we hope that is clear to you now in this post we will be giving you some great tips for affordable health insurance which can really benefit you as we know sometime insurance might be costly but if we go in a planned manner and know every thing about it then its not a problem to choose which is the best individual health insurance .

You can get Great affordable health insurance under the obama healthcare reform which is transforming lives of many people in United states of America at an affordable health insurance quote.

So what is obamacare ??

you might not be too much familier with this let me explain the initiative to you all

The Affordable Care Act does a number of important things including offering Americans a number of new benefits, rights, and protections in regards to their healthcare, and setting up a Health Insurance Marketplace (healthcare .Gov) where Americans can purchase federally regulated and subsidized Health Insurance during open enrollment. The law also expands Medicaid, improves Medicare, requires you to have coverage in 2014 and beyond, and contains some new taxes and tax breaks, among other things.


Aim of the obamacare

President Obama may have signed the Affordable Care Act into law, but the truth is obamacare is the result of decades of ideas from both sides of the isle and the health care industry. The idea of an individual mandate was first presented by current opponents of the law the Heritage Foundation in 1989. obamacareitself was in fact modeled after “Romney Care”, which is the nickname for the health care reform law implemented in the State of Massachusetts by then Governor Mitt Romney.