The Blue Elephant (A Novel for Ahmed Mourad)


Did you know that your nose becomes engorged with blood when you lie and this causes a tingly or itchy sensation which requires a nose rub to soothe it? So the next time you talk to someone, watch out for that snout stroke cue, but don’t rule out the possibility that it may be an innocuous itch! You will learn more body language reading tips in Ahmed Mourad’s new thriller novel ‘The Blue Elephant’ through Dr. Yehia Rashed, the shrewd psychiatrist, narrator, and main character.

Yehia tells his story the day he received the dismissal warning letter from Abbasiya Mental Hospital that disrupted his 5 years of voluntary oblivion. He resumed his work as a Psychiatrist in section ‘East 8′, the section that decides the sanity and fate of crime perpetrators. One of the inmates was his old friend Sherif Elkordy, a psychiatrist too ironically, who had been accused of murdering his wife Basma–shoved naked off the 30th floor! The two friends’ encounter opened a Pandora’s box and rekindled an old romance with Lobna, Sherif’s helpless sister. Throughout the novel, Yehia tried to psychoanalyze and investigate Sherif’s case and peculiar tattoo; did he or did he not murder his beloved wife and if he did, was he aware, and why? Finding answers upturned Yehia’s once stable and apathetic life.

The first lines clearly revealed the sarcastic, self-loathing tone of the narrator, as well as his wayward lifestyle represented in beer bottles, weed, poker, and “The three most important inventions to mankind: electricity, alcohol and Maya!” Maya is the sizzling character that appeared in the first page as Yehia’s physical associate. Maya’s role was not merely sensual; it became life changing when she introduced Yehia to “The Blue Elephant for travel and tourism” that took him repeatedly to a mystifying unexplored world, where he came out as a different person! Those spooky journeys, coupled with Absinthe and Jack Daniel’s, unravelled dark secrets and implicated Yehia in Sherif’s case.

Ahmed Mourad, author of Vertigo and Diamond Dust, is a well-read Egyptian novelist and photographer. He engages his readers by mixing fact with fiction and colloquial with formal Arabic. He also adds a dollop of contextual English phrases to materialize his stories.

Mourad’s vivid imagination will make you petrified like Sherif, woozy like Yehia, chant Fayrouz with Lobna, smell violet like the odour of Indian incense, hear smashing beer bottles, watch National Geographic on Yehia’s TV, admire Maya’s blue nail polish, tap into psychology and taboos like alcohol, psychedelics, and unspoken desires. You will drop in at contemporary places like Abbasiya Hospital, Osman Towers in Maadi, Sequoia and Deals in Zamalek, and Drinkie’s in Heliopolis as well as historical places like Bab Zuwayla and Sabil Nafisah Al-Bayda!

The Blue Elephant is a gripping psychological thriller novel with a dash of romance, lust, blood, violence, voodoo, and a handful of quips. You’ll read this book in big chunks and the creepy end will disrupt your bedtime routine for a day or two!


Source by Marwa Farouk Amin

Hobbies For The Tech-Savvy Male


This article is about 2 interesting hobbies for the technical minded person. These hobbies are also more popular with boys and men, rather than with girls and women.

The hobbies that are popular with modern tech savvy males are as the following:

1. Robot building. This is for the engineer and creator in all of us (males). Many of us are inspired by androids and robots such as R2D2 and C3PO from Stars Wars fame. Some of us are inspired by more modern icons such as the irobot. This hobby allows the hobbyists to assemble a robotic brainchild for scratch. Typically, the parts consist of mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Some of the more complex and advanced ones come also with programming languages and software. These software become the artificial intelligence of our robotic creations. One of the most popular line of product for the hobby of Robot Building is Lego Mindstorm. Lego Mindstorm comes with an incredible array of parts, kits and components. This allows the hobbyist to come up with many combinations of robotic creations.

2. Remote Control Helicopters. This is an expensive hobby for rich boys and men. It is popularly known as RCH for short. There are several different classes of helicopters. The complexity of the helicopters are determined by the number of channels that they can receive. The aircraft can also differ greatly in terms of size too. Most hobbyists hang out in local Remote Control Helicopter communities and clubs. Those are the places where they can share information and tips about their favorite hobby.

Well these are just 2 tech hobbies for males. There are many more. I will talk about them some time later. Thanks for reading.


Source by Shen Gerald

This is what students in School been upto !!

स्कूल में अश्लील हरकते करते पकडे गये छात्र छात्राए : विडियो वायरल

आपको लगता है कि स्कूल इन सब चीजो के लिए ठीक है ? हम प्यार मोहब्बत करने के तो बिलकुल भी खिलाफ नही है लेकिन उसके लिए आप कोई अपनी प्राइवेट जगह करिए न जहाँ पर और लोगो को तकलीफ न हो न ही इससे मर्यादा भंग हो तब आपको न कोई परेशान करेगा न ही किसी को दिक्कत न होगी क्योंकि ये संविधान किसी को भी किसी के भी साथ प्यार मोहब्बत करने की भी इजाजत देता है और कोई भी किसी को नही रोक सकता है लेकिन ये संविधान ये भी कहता है कि जो लोकाचार के विरूद्ध हो सदाचार के विरूद्ध हो जिससे किसी अन्य के अधिकारों को क्षति पहुंचे वो अधिकार नही अतिक्रमण है और शायद यहाँ भी वही हो रहा है और हुए ही जा रहा  है ऐसी एक नही कई सारे विडियो सामने आते रहते है|

स्कूल में यह छात्र कर रहे थे अश्लील हरकत |हाई स्कूल के छात्र कर रहे थे ऐसी अश्लील हरकत,वीडियो हुई वायरल |

Dekhe Yaha

An Overview of UAV Hardware Components and Software


Drones are a complex amalgamation of mechanics, hardware and software. Many drone users are not aware of the inner systems that combine to form a drone. Nor are they aware of the individual workings of the components. Today I will discuss the different drone components and provide an overview of the different components needed to run a drone.

As highly complex technological gadgets, drones have several main components:


The body of a drone comprises of a fuselage, plane wings, tail rotor and canopy, multi-rotor frame and arms.

Power supply with corresponding platform

Smaller drones usually fly on batteries while the larger ones use fuel or even solar power.

Computer operations

Drones’ hardware systems are constantly being specialized, operation numbers increased and accelerated in order to support operating system with no failures.


There are three types of sensor: proprioceptive, exteroceptive and exproprioceptive.


Installed actuators are determined by the type of drone (several electronic controllers, engines, propellers and other)


Uninterrupted flight is enabled with installed software safely leading the drone on its way and giving the information where to go and when to react.

Loop principles

Open loops for elementary types and closed loops for larger and more sophisticated systems.

Flight controls

They are similar to a regular, aerial vehicle flown by a pilot. However the automatic flight control is much more demanding.


The connection is quite regular (antenna and analog-digital converter) and enables the transmission of data needed for flight to proceed. Radio signal can be transmitted from a ground control, a remote system as well as another manned aerial vehicle.

UAV software

As drone software is the brain of the drone we have to explain how it works. Drone´s software is designed to tell the drone where to go and what to do while flying from A to B. In order to understand and connect all necessary information of the drone, the software part becomes a very complex system. The software installed in the drone operates in a layer like system. Furthermore, the layers are divided into tiers which perform in various time slots. The layers have to be combined properly to control the flight patterns, altitude and other important information for drone to work and act accurately. This combination of layers is called the flight stack or autopilot. Many surveys and inquiries have been conducted and they all have a very firm indication i.e. it doesn´t matter if the drones have different efficiency or mission complexities, they all need effective operating components. The received information has to be analyzed during the flight. In order to achieve unified component’s communication a generic architecture must be designed and promoted.

While the onboard system itself is not enough, external middleware and operating system are necessary.

Software layers are:

· Firmware

· Middleware

· Operating system.

The requirements of firmware and middleware are time critical. The requirement of the operating system is computer intensive.

Firmware operates from machine code to processor and afterward to memory access.

Middleware conducts flight control, navigation and telecommunication.

Operating system monitors optic flow, avoids interference while SLAM searches for the solution and decides what the action according to received information would be.

Open source stacks will considerably assist in finding solutions for the drone industry, globally speaking. New, improved drone applications will have to be reliable, rapid and flexible in order to meet all new demands and requirements of the future UAV industry.

Listed below are some of civil-use open-source stacks:

· KKMultiCopter

· ArduCopter

· DroneCode

· MultiWii

· BaseFlight

· CleanFlight

· BetaFlight

· RaceFlight

· Paparazzi

· OpenPilot Copter Control

· TauLabs

· CrazyFlie

The following are poplular UAV software serious pilots and UAV service providers should consider using:


This is professional software used for drone based mapping. This takes pictures taken from drones and converts them into maps and models. It comes in handy in a range of industries ranging from construction and mining to inspection and environmental monitoring, from agriculture and emergency response to aerial photography and real estate. Not only, that, the company of this software has a plethora of knowledge and information from all the mapping done and is ready to provide you with accurate analysis and insights.


It is a company which makes it easier for the users and developers to run drones. The great thing is that its source code is open to public. So, developers and drone lovers from all over the globe can tweak its components according to their wishes and designs. It also has an app name 3dr Solo App. Along with a live camera view, it also provides with a detailed satellite overview. It makes it easier to adjust the flight control settings and play with the camera angles. Not only that, it has a quick support service. Just submit a ticket and you will get a response within no time. It is available on the App Store as well Google Play.


Microdrones has two major pieces of software up its sleeve. The first one is mdCockpit and the second one is called mdFlightSim.


It has three major functions. The first is for planning of the flight, the second receives data from the flight and the last one carries out analysis of the flight data.


This serves the purpose of flight training without really flying the drones. It is for those who are new to drone flying and do not want to risk their drones due to their inexperience. The software provides them with real life scenarios although on their computer screen. Once they are sure they can operate it without crashing it down, they can then go in the real world and fly their drones.

The UAV industry is rapidly evolving almost on a daily basis, its expansion can be detected not only in military but also in journalism, delivering packages, helping firefighters, surveillance, filming industry and many more.

According to several global forecasts, even though drones are going to be a big part of our life in the future, the main market for UAV will remain military. So, it is mandatory for the users to have a thorough understanding of the internal workings of the drone. So much so, some universities have even started offering degrees dedicated entirely to drone flying.


Source by Victor Holman

Reliance Jio extends Prime membership till April 15 and Complimentry free Services till July

Reliance Jio on Friday extended Jio Prime service till April 15 enthused by the response the premium service recieved in the past few weeks. The company said the service has been extended due to the overwhelming response from the customers.

Over 72 million Jio customers have signed up for Jio Prime membership, the company said in a statement.

“Customers who could not enroll for Jio Prime by March 31 can still do so by paying Rs 99 along with their first purchase of Jio’s Rs 303 and other plans till 15th April,” Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said in a statement.

“This extension will provide the necessary breathing room for users to avoid service disruption during the transition from free to paid services,” he said.

Jio has also announced a Jio Summer Surprise exclusively for its Prime customers. Prime customers who make first recharge before April 15 using its Rs 303 plan (or higher) will get complimentary services for first three months. Regular tariff plans will be applicable from July, once the complimentary service ends.

“This complimentary period will also help to familiarise Jio customers with Jio’s fully digital, self-service process of using the MyJio app to perform recharges and to set up digital payment methods for further purchases,” Ambani said.

This is just one the many surprises lined up Jio Prime members, Ambani added in his letter.

Along with new customers, many people have also used mobile number portability to shift to the Jio connection.